About AFT Digital

AFT Digital is a marketing company specialized in the Russian digital market.

Since 2001 we have been specializing in developing digital marketing for our clients in varied industries such as:

  • information technologies,
  • electronics,
  • finance,
  • automobiles,
  • tourism,
  • agriculture,
  • education,
  • food industry.

We have developed successful relationships with global brands, such as Samsung Russia, LG Electronics RUS, Food Empire Holdings (Russian representative office), Renault Trucks in Russia and many others. We sincerely look forward to establishing a long term working relationship with you. Our approach is simple. Focusing on your strategic objectives we will provide a comprehensive package of digital marketing tools that will help to achieve the set goals.

We are considered experts in our field and we provide our customers with a wide range of cost effective and creative business solutions that helps to increase revenues reduce unnecessary costs and better streamline operations.

With vast experience and expertise in operating on the Russian local market we can help your brand break into it effectively and efficiently. Our primary work team is a group of trained specialists, who are highly educated, skilled and poses numerous achievements in web design, branding, programming, online marketing and public relations. Our portfolio and clients testimonials will show you how serious and goal-oriented we are in getting the best results for you and your business.

About Internet Market in Russia

According to GP Bullhound, a leading investment firm in the sector of technology, the Russian internet market is one of the most prospective markets in Europe. GP Bullhound analysts predict the Russian internet audience will grow up to 93 million users in 2012-2013 (currently it is 70 million users). Russia is rapidly emerging as fastest growing top five advertising and e-commerce markets in Europe.

According to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (AKAR), in 2011 in Russia online ad use grew by 56% to 41.8 billion Rubles ($1.4 billion) and overtook print ad. According to the Minister of Telecommunications of Russia Igor Shchegolev, e-commerce market turnover amounted to $315 billion in 2011. The primary growth of the market will be mostly determined by a widespread of infrastructure development for the 2014 Olympic Games as well as the FIFA World Cup in 2014.