When the first version of the project was created in 2005, it pursued a single goal, that is, to help teachers get a clear understanding of how multimedia equipment works. As time went by, Polymedia began to realize that it was ready to expand. We suggested the development of a complete reference community based on the initial project. This community was supposed to have an impact on business results and boost company’s sales. Today, it is not just a website providing technical support, but a genuine social network with its internal life including blogs, fora, and webinars. has a large catalogue of digital lessons that are developed and uploaded by the community members. The catalogue goes with a convenient heading list classified according to topics and classes. Now teachers do not have to prepare for their lessons on their own, as they can easily find a necessary lesson in the database, download it and display an up-to-date multimedia subject presentation for their students, all that completely free of charge.

For those teachers who are still not so good at understanding the work of the community and interactive boards, the portal offers a special section, Training Centre, where they can learn about various training options. For instance, a teacher can attend a series of free topical webinars powered by Polymedia, enroll for offline seminars, and learn about commercial distance courses.

The Communication section turns into a full-fledged social network which enables its members to communicate in all possible ways, via blogs, fora and groups.


The community has an integrated unique teaching and motivation system, so each member can gradually rise from the beginner’s level to “Expert” and “Genius” levels. Here is how it works: teachers exchange their lessons, vote for the best ones, take part in contests and earn virtual currency. The more difficult the contest, the higher the award is. Then the currency can be exchanged for real prizes: interactive boards, laptops, tickets for sea trips. Opportunities for professional growth are also increasing; a teacher may start organizing commercial workshops and webinars. That is the way we nurture our members’ brand attachment and develop their loyalty.

There is a gift shop for the most committed community members where they can purchase products with the favourite company’s branding.


the community began in
currently consists of around
in total
lessons for interactive boards are downloaded

Today is a new dawn in the Russian system of education. It is a close-knit community which both increases Polymedia’s popularity among its target audience and brings professional teachers’ community to a new level on a global scale!

A unique proposition for consumer electronics