Lenovo believes that the sales personnel’s high level of expertise is the key to the high volumes of sales. In order to train employees directly in company offices or stores, one has to have a large staff of coaches who are ready to be always on the move, travelling over our vast country. But there is a more economically efficient approach: distance learning. We suggested a viable solution of this problem, which included the use of BrandRecommend technology – to launch a reference community uniting sales personnel who work with Lenovo products. They are going to influence the demand among customers thus boosting company’s sales.

When we were launching the Lenovo reference community, we had to accomplish several tasks:

1.To develop and launch an online platform which would ensure high quality communication among the associates and also with brand representatives.
2.To create updating courses about Lenovo products.
3.To start an incentive program for associates with a learning system and prize fund; to involve and retain associates in the program.
4.To turn the reference community members into real brand advocates.
5.To introduce a completely transparent and monitored system which would allow the members’ registration with CRM, creating reports and rating associates’ performance.

Besides, we had to provide convenient and rapid access to interactive presentations, sample sales scripts, webinars and a dictionary of technical terms.


LenovoProfi is a project aiming to boost sales. Everything in the community serves this goal, directly or indirectly. For instance, the product learning system is designed to help the associate: having carefully studied the information, he\she will be able to recommend the most suitable smart phone for a customer who is keen on taking pictures or the best tablet computer as a child’s birthday present. This approach to training is aimed at giving all possible information about a reliable product which deserves being recommended. It created a long-term effect of semantic memory which is extremely useful for associates’ further work.

In addition, there are “who sells more” competitions and contests. The prizes are quite encouraging, ranging from Ozon gift vouchers up to powerful Lenovo laptops.


The Lenovo reference community has its own mobile app which is specifically designed to save employees’ time. Instead of manually filling in charts and reports, they can register sales right in the application, several clicks away. No paperwork, no distraction from work activities.

The LenovoProfi project has already been around for 3 years. In  2014, Lenovo became the best seller of the Russian market of tablet computers. This was partly thanks to  the facts that the reference community was launched and regularly updated, and that brand advocates were individually motivated. In the first year of the community’s existence, Lenovo increased its tablet supplies to the stores by nearly 8 times, as compared to 2013.

A unique proposition for consumer electronics!