The LG Master project was first intended as an instrument for training, developing and attracting associates who work in shops selling LG products. To solve these tasks, a reference community was created and launched based on BrandRecommend technology.


Distance learning system. The community platform features all the latest news about LG appliances, learning materials and tests which help to find and eliminate gaps in knowledge.

Rated role model. The community has its own motivation system – silver and gold coins which users receive for doing courses, passing tests that check their knowledge of LG products, website activities and participation in contests. The more coins a user has collected, the higher his\her status and position in the league is.

Game mechanics. At least three times a month, the community portal holds competitions where any sale associates form retail chains located in Russia can take part in. Each contest has its own prize fund, e.g. cash or gold and silver coins exchangeable for LG products.

Cool prizes. In a special promotion store, the winner has a right to choose a prize to his\her taste.

Live communication with co-workers from all over Russia. Project participants can lead their own blog on the website and communicate with other community members or administrators using a forum.

LGMaster reference community helps to shape long-term loyalty to LG products among field and sales personnel. Audience-oriented activities, well-chosen content and the way it is served facilitate the correct positioning of the brand’s value system among participants.


After the reference community was launched, the company decided to expand the project and to make it cover the internal audience as well. This decision was triggered by lack of transparency in a multilevel system, with a large number of employees, such as associates, sales representatives, supervisors, merchandisers, regional representatives, coaches etc.

The LG Company would like to make long-term work and interaction between departments as efficient as possible. They should fit the company’s needs to make sure that resources are used in a sustainable and efficient way, too.

For this project, we projected a unique management intranet system to monitor and run learning processes in real time. This project was designed from scratch and completely covered the field structure of LG Company. Its key feature is its adaptability to structural and procedural changes in business as the company is constantly developing and the system has to keep pace with it.


- Managing field personnel’s training - Efficient interaction of the company structure as a whole and its parts in particular

Sergey Puponin
AFT Digital CEO

When a structure we work with has a complex subordination scheme, a broad regional network, we have to get a clear understanding of each link’s meaning and role. Training, incentivizing, monitoring and holding events have a special reporting form which allows us to compare results for previous periods. And the system we use for distributing learning materials helps to bring all the necessary information to those who require it, depending on their access levels.


Reports are an important part of working in a large company. That is why we have paid special attention to enabling the intranet system to create detailed statistical reports with various filters, series and sections. It is the most dynamic part of the body and it is able to rapidly create new types of reports tailored for the concrete company and its requirements.


One of the key achievements of this program is the distance test system for checking the participant’s knowledge of the merchandise and sales techniques. The system includes a number of devices which enable a nearly 98% accurate identification a person who is taking a test. While he\she is being tested, the examinee is fixed by photo and video cameras, other windows on the computer are blocked so no information can be copied and pasted and there are plenty of other technical gimmicks that help to protect the system from cheaters.


All these measures help to build an efficient management system, to enhance the personnel’s level of expertise and introduce distance monitoring methods. We have reached a new summit in terms of the new transparency of management systems which facilitated the development of staff and considerably decreased the staff turnover.

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