Igor Timchenko
editor of newspaper “Pole Avgusta”

“The agricultural sector is a highly intensive field which many of its representatives call “survival of the fittest.” In many regions, arable farming implies taking huge risks and in many cases they are not necessarily connected to disastrous weather events. Technological mistakes can also cause losses for enterprises.”

The Avgust Company asked us to solve a global-scale task: it wanted to stand out on a highly competitive market among its powerful foreign rivals. The Avgust products have a unique feature: just buying them is not enough. To make them work, one has to know the details of their application, i.e. dependence on seasons, external factors, the conditions of crops, their proximity to other plant species and many more. The company had to provide its customers with as fast and accessible technical support as it was possible. But how can one cover all agricultural sectors and all their participants? Certainly, one can set up an enormous call centre. But we have managed to find a more efficient solution – to launch a reference community based on the technology developed by BrandRecommend.

Sigh up for news coming fresh from the fields, comment and communicate


The project’s target audience is agricultural specialists. They have long ago added to their armoury advanced digital technologies to achieve desired results.

So we have developed a platform where various experts, such as technological and agricultural ones, share their experience and help newcomers to feel comfortable there. Blogs are the main communication channels in the community and they are from the point of view of a certain piece of land, not from an expert’s. We can watch every field in real time from the very beginning of the season till the end. We can see how the experts monitored it, which fertilizers were added and under which conditions, how they solved problems encountered .

Besides, both community members and the producer get feedback, which helps the latter to maintain the clients’ loyalty and further improve the products, to benefit the company and agricultural sector in general.


Literally speaking, the community members do not sit still, that is why we also have a mobile application which can work even when it is offline. The app has a complete Avgust production catalogue: 23380 pages of information and 3356 images are conveniently put together in one application, complete with a search engine, burner calculator and other useful content.

Agriculturalists and agricultural businesses from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Argentina keep in touch with each other 24/7 and help to choose the most efficient chemical products to solve specific tasks.

5+ years of successful cooperation

3,000+ experts participate in the community

650+ reports a year on the results of applying the company’s products

90+ fields take part in the programme dedicated to the improvement of agrotechnical practices

In 2016, the Avgust Company won the first prize in the International Program “Person of the Year”, in the category “Company of the Year”.

A unique proposition for consumer electronics!