This project was aimed at locally incorporating an advanced, venturous and solvent audience, which thanks to its hobby is keen on technology and actively consumes production of highly technological brands. There are many influential users among gamers and people around them pay heed to their recommendations when they have to choose digital devices.

Samsung’s product placement on the WCG Russia portal meant close contact of the brand with the gamers’ community, which is very specific, large and growing rapidly. Gamers loyal to the brand got together and formed a powerful reference community and facilitated the creation of a favourable environment where Samsung’s marketing tasks are solved.

After the reference community was launched, the size of the brand-loyal audience has substantially increased and as a result, it widened the channel for the product range promotion.

Thanks to the hosted events, the reference community was joined by top 10 Russian sportsmen in major gaming categories as well as top three world-famous ones who are accustomed to seeing high quality of online tournaments in western countries.

Every year, the number of the community’s members and their involvement were increasing incrementally.

Global game vendors quickly responded to the popular trend and launched their own platforms for online tournaments.

But gamers remember well that WCG was a trailblazer of this movement in e-sports and the innovation technology that was implemented to host online tournaments is highly demanded to this day.

A unique proposition for consumer electronics!